Mission & Services


The mission of the archive service is to preserve the heritage of the Grand Théâtre as it undergoes the test of time and to organize the filing of documents so that they can be made available. The aim is to maintain the integrity and legibility of content and information on productions and activities related to them. The oldest documents date from the beginning of the 20th century, for which we have photographic prints of the sets (painted canvases on frames), images of the building before its partial destruction in 1951, as well as programme notes.


From 1962 onwards, documents relating to the creative work and administration of the institution have been added to our archives.

The vocation of the archive service is to preserve the memory of the living arts in all the forms that result in their representation.

In the near future, a new tool will make it possible to browse the inventories and select digitized documents illustrating certain parts of the collections.


The archives are open to the general public and we will be happy to assist you in your research and find the resources you need.


Only accurate and complete written requests will be considered:

  • full address of requesting party with email
  • references to documents or topics (show, season, artist)
  • type of reproduction desired: photocopies, digital image, digital print.
  • intended use: private use, academic or research work, publication.

Please confirm requests made by phone by postal mail or e-mail. Documents on loanmay not be copied, transferred to third parties, or used for any purpose other than that indicated in the request.


Fees for special services are separate from the copyright fees and are due to the Grand Théâtre de Genève. Special services are understood as document reproduction and shipping costs.

Publication and distribution

When the reproduction is intended for publication, for any other form of distribution or is given to a third party, an agreement will be established between the beneficiary and the Grand Théâtre de Genève. The compulsory mention of the documents reproduced will be mentioned in the latter. Two supporting copies are given free of charge to the Archives of the Grand Théâtre de Genève for all published or broadcast works based entirely or partially on the funds and collections. A one-time use fee is charged for any commercial exploitation. Any subsequent use on the same medium or on a new medium must be the subject of a new request.


The user must find out at his own expense and on his own responsibility whether there are any copyrights, rights of use or other intellectual property rights of third parties. The applicant guarantees that he/she is responsible for the payment of any copyrights. The applicant shall be solely responsible for any steps taken to find the rightful owners and for any costs incurred as a result.